Was Ram a Castiest? Did Ram Kill Shambuka, the Dalit?

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  1. Arti says:

    You are Great, how easily you make the things clear to everyone.

  2. Dharma Dhwaja says:

    Namaskaar Uday Sir

    We need to understand how Valmiki Ramayana was written. Ramayana is dictated to none other than Rama himself. Rama’s son Luv Kush did that. This formed the beginning of Valmiki Ramayana. Luv Kush ended Ramayana on 6th Kanda 128 Chapter.

    Valmiki doesn’t approve Ramayana after Yuddha Kaanda Chapter 128 (Rama pattabhishekam)

    This hints that Uttarakandam is much later addition and hence disputed.

    Infact you are not the only person who is countered with such questions. I was also asked once – why Rama banished Sita?

    I told him to read Valmiki Ramayana 6.128.1 onwards which explains where Ramayana officially ended.

    But then he took over Kambha Ramayana to explain his point. I told him to research on history. Kambha was told to rewrite Ramayana in Tamil. A fellow sage was jealous of him. Hence tried to test Kambha’s knowledge. After noticing Kambha’s patience (he did not offer dismay due to tests) , that poet apologized. As an act of kindness, Kambha used his Uttara Kandam in his own Ramayana. While Kambha’s Uttara Kandam mentions Rama exiling Sita, it is not written by Kambha himself. He only included that as an act of Kindness.

    He asked – there must be Puranik reference. Yes, it is – Padma Puraana Paataala Khand.

    But that explains why Sita was banished. As per that, Sita insulted a parrot duo in her childhood and tried to put them in castles. The female parrot cursed her to be separated from husband during pregnancy. Sita accepted that as a punishment. So, her exile is approved by Sita herself.

    Nevertheless, my purpose of writing this was: people have only half knowledge. They prefer to cherry pick without proper research. Hence myths become widespread.

    Sita’s exile became famous due to this half baked research and so is Shambuk’s story. Glad to know that avid researchers like you exists.

    May GOD bless you.

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