ISISMy good friend Sachin Sharma from Mumbai asked a question: If ‘Oppression’ is the main reason why people become terrorists, then how come- Pakistani Hindus (reduced to 1% from 20% in the last 60 years) or Bangladeshi Hindus (reduced to 5% from 15%) in the last 40 years, NOT became Terrorists?”

Why didn’t Kashmiri Pandits (forced to leave their own motherland 30 years ago) became Terrorists?

Among over whopping 1 billion (15% of world’s population) Hindus you can find only few (3-4) – people like Sadhvi Prachi, Niranjan Jyoti or Yogi Adityanath – whom media accuse as Hindu fundamentalists. They do not represent Hindus anyways. People may just make controversial remarks for political mileage and it has nothing to do with a religion.

That doesn’t mean that there are no terrorists or criminals among Hindus. Most of the Naxals are born Hindus. There are violent killings by Marxists – they are also born Hindus. There are hired killers. There are robbers and looters among Hindus. We have even the worst of human kind = so-called “secular politicians” (sic) – they are also born as Hindus! Isn’t that enough to feel ashamed of Hinduism? So terrorists and criminals are among Hindus too. But it is observed that there are no “religion-based terrorists” among Hindus.

Simple – Hindus can never be a religious terrorist. A Hindu is being taught to pray “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” (let everybody in the world live peacefully) and NOT “Hindu (only) Sukhino Bhavanthu”. Hinduism is inclusive of atheists and non-believers too.

Is that mean Islam or Muslims support religious terrorism? NO.

Abdul Hakim in Kerala was shocked when his son Hafesuddin (22) called him ‘kafir’ (non-believer). “My own son called me a kafir. Radicalism changed my son completely,” said Hakim, trying to control his emotions as the love for his son was overwhelmed by anger at what he has done. His son left home to join ISIS.

“If he does not like India, if he acted against the country, I don’t want to see him, even though he is my son. I don’t even want to see his body. I am an Indian; don’t even wish to see my son’s corpse ever.”

This is typical Indian Muslim. He is Indian first. All Indians should be with him. Every Indian would empathize with him.

Still, why people are pointing fingers to Islam community? Let’s look at some real facts.
Bindu, a native of Attukal near Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) said her daughter Nimisha, final year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) student in Kasaragod, married to a Christian youth Bexon Vincent. Nimisha had converted into Fathima and Vincent into Eeza and indoctrinated in IS ideology and “Boom” – vanished to join Islamic State (ISIS)!Reports said that Nimisha aka Fathima is among 16 persons, who have been missing from Kerala in a suspected case of terror outfit ISIS making inroads into India.
“It all happened in just four days,” an emotional mother told news reporters, adding that the police did not act promptly on her complaints. That’s not unusual. If complaint is against any groups related to religions, the police won’t act.

We can’t put the entire blame into Islam and Muslims. Nimisha was a Hindu. Eeza was a Christian. Instead of blaming Muslims, Hindus should do some real homework check why those youngsters are getting converted?

For starters, there are two types of Muslims – Allah’s Muslims and Mullah’s Muslims.

Allah’s Muslims are god-fearing and really believe that Islam is the religion of peace. My good friends who follow Islam used to tell me: “Whenever we hear news of any Muslims involved in terrorist activities, our heart beats fast. We feel very sad and upset. Even talking ill about other religions are prohibited in Islam, let alone killing.”

But Mullah’s Muslims are mostly rooted in Wahabism or Salafism. They prefer to be called Salafi rather than Wahhabi. This group is not necessarily be the radicals or extremists per say. But eventually their hard-core and fanatic stance and belief in religious supremacy could lead to terrorist activities. The insecure Mullahs (not all Mullahs) sow seeds of fanaticism among youngsters.

When a person believes that my religion is the only perfect one and all other religions are evil, he is sick. This coupled with an already disturbed mental condition, creates killer squads.

Don’t ever think Indian politicians or government would utter a single word against those Mullahs. NO government has courage to talk against priesthood of any religions. There are lot of Gurus, Babas, Mathas and Godmen in Hinduism too who should otherwise should be in a Jail. In the name of social service they exploit the public. There are lots of Catholic priests involved in crimes. Can any government touch them? No.

Those parents of students, who supposedly joined ISIS, received ‘WhatsApp’ messages saying “we are not coming back. Here there is Divine Rule. You also should join us”. Or messages like: ‘we have reached God’s Land’ and ‘reached the Islamic State’.

Now, the question is that how do these youngsters get converted? They use social media effectively to canvass recruits and brainwash them.

Nimisha’s mother says, a group of students initiated a social movement to support victims of Endosulfan tragedy in Kerala and Nimisha joined them. She has gone visiting the cancer victims and was very upset.
Lots of organisations in the name of social service, welfare groups, NGOs, Charity, Social responsibility etc are the front-side for the recruiters. They invite young boys and girls to participate in social services and later convert them to radical Islam. (In fact, this strategy was not new. It was introduced by some Christian groups in India who involved in the business of conversion) (Read and…/ )

So, be careful when your children go for social service. If your son or daughter goes for social service, try to find out what kind of organization is that? Believe me – you cannot seek any police, legal or political help. Nobody is going to help you when it comes to religious issue.
Please note that even “secular yoga” groups are soft target for those recruiters. They have infiltrated into quite lot of students organizations too. There are few “secular clubs” under Sanskrit names that are run by the recruiters. These clubs distribute awards and tuition help to students (especially girls) and later trap them.

Muslims are not the exclusive recruiters for terrorists. There are some groups claims themselves as for social reform and rationalism. Groups like “Kiss of Love” recruit girls to various flesh-trade mafia groups. There are lots of front organizations in the name of social service to recruit students for the business groups under the banner of Naxalism. (…/ )

So, when you sent your son or daughter for social service or receiving prizes or even for free coaching, make sure that the organization is attached to known nationalist’s movements and you personally know them.

Incidentally, a year ago, I have got a forward FB message from another hate spreader. I don’t remember the exact wordings – it was something like this: “Thousands of Muslims throng the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts convicted terrorist Yakub Memon’s funeral.

The number of participants was more than that in the funeral ceremony of another Muslim, world-renowned humanist and pious man Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, ex-president of India, who passed away during the same period. Is it not a blind support to terrorism?”

During 10th century, Abū Rayḥān Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad Al-Bīrūnī came to India, learnt Sanskrit (remember, during those time Science was developed only in India) to understand physics, mathematics, astronomy, and natural sciences and incorporated those teachings to the medieval Islamic era. Al-Biruni even divided Hindus into an educated and an uneducated class. Hindus and Muslims were so much closely knitted even that time.

The world’s best Kingdom in terms of wealth and power- Vijayanagara Empire – was popularly known as Hindu country. It was the first non-discriminatory (secular) Kingdom in the known history. The Hindu Kings have built Mosques for Muslims and appointed Muslims as commanders and ministers.

The whole point is that Muslims are as much Indians as Hindus. If you take population wise (not percentage wise), the number of anti-nationals among Hindus will be much more than that among Muslims. There are lot of political parties teach public to get away from “narrow-minded” nationalistic thinking and go broadminded without boundaries!

Yes, there were lunatics like Ghazni, Ghori, Mughals or Tippu who had Muslim names. Some people may hero-worship them the way today’s movie goers worship anti-hero images. But there were 100s of good Muslim rulers too.

HOW COME INDIA STILL IS NOT TOTALLY MUSLIM COUNTRY EVEN AFTER ALMOST 800 YEARS OF ISLAMIC RULE? Some Kings were so fanatic – they destroyed temples and libraries, killed millions of Hindus and converted using force. Agreed, there were good Muslim rulers too. Just compare India with other countries like Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. All those countries got converted 100 % in to Islamic in a short period of time. And going by current trend, US, UK and many countries in EU and old Soviet Union will become 100% Islamic within a short span of time. China will have a huge Muslim population within five years. If you don’t believe me now, wait and see.

Yes, terrorism has no religion. But the insecure priests have. They exploit religion for their very survival. People also use religion for the business of terrorism.

But terrorism gets linked to Islam and such a perception sustains when ISIS claims “we are the real Islam and we are ready to die and kill for the religion.” It makes the public confused, hence the perception. And a huge population supports people like Memon and Zakir Naik. This makes the public suspicious about the religion.

That means the responsibility of Allah’s Muslims become multi-fold to prove that “Islam is the religion of peace so there is no scope for violence in Islam”

Such perception will come – Only if each and every good Muslim teaches his children: “We follow Islam faith. But others have right to follow their faiths. In front of God all the faiths are same. There may be many paths leading to single destination – we call it Allah! Others call different other names”. Teach them the prayer: “Ishwar Allah Tere Naam, Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan (Ishwar and Allah are both your names, please give everyone better sense).

As far as a Hindu is concerned, he cannot die/kill for a religion. Reason? A Hindu doesn’t have any benefits (tangible or intangible) – divine land, god’s blessings, heaven, virgins, money or power – to get somebody converted to Hinduism. But a Hindu should stop spreading hate speech. There is NO point in crying foul – nobody will listen to you. Instead, we should teach our children about the science of Sanatan Dharma. Nobody, repeat nobody, can intellectually convert a real Dharmi to any other religion.

If you want to teach, learn and spread Sanatan Dharma, the only way out is to develop scientific and rational temper in your children rather than teaching them superstitions and anacharas.

All religions – including (today’s semiticalised) Hinduism – will take you only backwards. You should understand the limitation of the religion in terms of Kala (time) and Desa (location). You should modernize yourself accordingly. Take up only the best of traditions and culture in the religion. Learn the science of Dharma and be a scientist if you want to see our next generation live in a beautiful and peaceful planet.

It is your Karma to defend your Dharma. And defending should not be based on violence and hate. You have a perfect tool to defend the Dharma – the modern science! Knowledge will lead anyone to Sanatan Dharma.

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