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Is Radha for Real?

“You have written in many articles that Krishna was a historical character. What about Radha? Was she also a historical character?” a question from Mahesh Singh. The question was genuine. Krishna’s name is always...


With love from Pakistan

“Shri Udaylal Pai ji, I wish I could meet you in person at least once in my life. Love and Regards from a Ram Bhakt from Pakistan.” This is what my Facebook friend Yougal...


Are Hindus Fatalist?

“India will never progress. Why? Indians believe in fatalism and think that (therefore) there is NO sense in struggling” “Hinduism advocates fatalism. The fatalist is devoid of initiative. He would not be driven by...


Intention Makes Lots of Difference in Your Life

“What makes you happy?” a reader’s WhatsApp message. A proverb says: “Don’t climb a mountain with an intention that the world must see you, Climb the mountain with the intention to see the world…!”...


Modi’s Monetization?

I landed Cochin International Airport yesterday morning at 4.30AM after nearly three months in North America. It was a Hartal day in Kerala. (Hartal is a national festival of the state of Kerala. I...


Why Am I NOT afraid of GOD?

Few years ago, my friend Rajsekhar introduced me to his family: “This is Mr.Uday Pai, my good friend and very god fearing person…” Later, I asked him: “Raj, who told you I am afraid...

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