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Jihad, Crusade and Dharma Yuddha

“Is there any difference between Jihad, Crusade and Dharma Yuddha?” many readers ask this question. “Is it true that religion has killed more people throughout history than any other cause?” recently one of my...


With love from Pakistan

“Shri Udaylal Pai ji, I wish I could meet you in person at least once in my life. Love and Regards from a Ram Bhakt from Pakistan.” This is what my Facebook friend Yougal...


Modi’s Monetization?

I landed Cochin International Airport yesterday morning at 4.30AM after nearly three months in North America. It was a Hartal day in Kerala. (Hartal is a national festival of the state of Kerala. I...


Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism

“What is the difference between Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma (SD)? What’s Hindu Dharma?” – Joseph Sebastian, a young reader, asked me. Seemingly simple question! “Unfortunately today’s Hinduism has been designed, evaluated and advocated on...

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